Dynamically flexible beauty..

Dynamically flexible beauty..

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Devil's Throat "Garganta Del Diablo" Iguazu National Park

Brazil / Argentina travel..
Had a couple of days to kill before crew change so why not travel a bit?
Had a chance to see the Devil's Throat, massive falls in the national park of Cataratas. Some forces I must say. End of rainy season Contributing.



Brasilien / Argentina resa..
Hade ett par dagar paa mig innan paamoenstring, saa varfoer inte resa lite?
Fick en moejlighet att se Djaevulsgapet, vattenfallet i Cataratas national park. Enorma krafter maa jag daa saega. Slutet paa regnperioden som saekert bidrog.

 Morning Coffee..
 Very calm and laid back little town
Lunch break
 Cataratas Hotel
Hearing the falls 
The falls are comprised of 275 drops with the deepest of 82 meters at
“Devil's Throat “(Garganta Del Diablo) making them second in height to the Victoria Falls.
Niagra Falls have a drop of 50m but are first with regard to the amount of water passing
over the falls. Iguazu Falls are again in 2nd place
 Seeing the falls
Most of the falls are in Argentina with the border dividing Devil's Throat. They can be reached from Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, as well as from Ciudad del  Este in Paraguay.
Throughout the park there are notices warning against feeding the Coati's. These large Raccoon-like rodents have been encouraged in the past by tourists feeding them and now can be quite aggressive in their quest for food.
Nice pic for using only my Galaxy Note II.
  Soaking the atmosphere(and moist)
 Yes, they had to walk the board and now they're drenched
 But happy..
 Sharing a beer with, and feeling very close to nature.
(photo curtesy Chief Electrician Mikael Johansson)

One of the first things you will notice is the profusion of butterflies in the national park. It is quite common for them to alight on you - I have been told that this is due to your body salt. One of the most frequently seen of the butterflies has the nickname '88' because of the markings on its wings.

88’s pigan fm Kungen.